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Iremia 1000mg CBD Tincture
Iremia Organic Full Spectrum CBD 1500mg
Calm anxiety, reduce stress and improve focus.
Iremia Organic Full Spectrum CBD 3000mg
Our top-strength tincture.
Green Smoothie Recipe Image

Green Smoothie

Try this CBD Green Smoothie from @sharonpalmerrd it’s completely plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, added-sugar free, nutritious, and creamy-delicious. It has 17 mg of CBD, plus it provides you with 17 g of protein and 13 g of fiber, too! ⠀

🥬 1 cup packed greens (i.e., kale, chard, spinach)⠀
🍌 1 medium banana⠀
💧 17 mg CBD portion of CBD oil*  
🌿 2 tablespoons hemp seeds⠀
🥑 ½ small avocado⠀
🌱 ¾ cup soymilk, plain, unsweetened (may substitute for another type of protein-rich plant-based milk)⠀
🍋 1 teaspoon lemon juice⠀

noun. ηρεμία • (iremía) f. calm, unworried. rest, tranquility, peace, serenity. quietness.

Iremía is the beautiful Greek word for calm, unworried. rest, tranquility, peace, serenity, which is exactly how we want you to feel when you use our CBD products.

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